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    March Ramblings and a rant.

    The hatching season is underway and within the next month I start sending eggs out to poultry keepers all over the UK. It takes me about half an hour to pack a dozen eggs the way I do it.

    Each egg is wrapped in a sheet of kitchen roll that is folded over, so the egg fits snugly into a normal egg box.After the box is full I tape it shut, thus trapping the eggs with the paper around them to stop them moving about in the egg box. The box is then wrapped in about a meter (folded double) of bubble wrap the overlap at each end is taped around the box.

    Both the wrapped boxes are then re-wrapped in more bubble wrap and put into a strong cardboard box (usually a wine box), taped up and taken 6 mile one way to the post office.

    So why am I telling you this? Today I had some eggs arrive that I bought through ebay from an Australorp breeder who had won the National with his birds. I paid almost £24 for 6 with postage and when they arrived in one of those ********* poly boxes you could feel the eggs rolling around in the box. No extra packing, just a bit of selotape to keep the lid and the base closed. I do not expect any of them to hatch.

    Where have all the standards gone in the world?

    Is everyone happy to be ripped off by other people?

    Am I getting old and cranky?

    Why for **** sake would you want another breeder thinking your a toss-pot.

    I’m going to research on the net who it was that thought using a polystyrene box to send eggs through the post was a good idea.

    When I do I’m going to track them down, tie him/her to a chair and force feed them the lid (broken in to bite-size pieces) and after doing that I’m going to insert the base (broken in to slightly larger pieces) up their arse with a pointed stick, followed shortly afterwards with the rough end of a pineapple.

    The feedback system on ebay is a bloody joke. Leaving positive feedback for managing to get 6 eggs packed and posted isn’t f**king rocket science is it?

    If everybody left feedback on the hatch rate it might give other buyers a better picture of what the seller is really like.

    It’s a bloody disgrace how people get away with it. What else would you buy, sight unseen and not bother to complain if what you bought wasn’t fit for purpose?

    I’m tired, Iv’e had a hard day. I got rheumatics in my elbow and 6 eggs in the utility room I might have with some toast.


    Well another day and I managed to make it through the night. After doing my morning chores I sat down and opened the box.

    As you can see not a lot of packing went on here.

    It just got more depressing.

    You can plainly see by the amount of space around the eggs why they rattled in the box.

    The amount of crap on the eggs just goes to show what sort of breeder this guy is. Show stock my arse,

    Selling hatching eggs starts with the breeding stock and their management. I have heard the one about ‘I don’t wash my eggs because it forces the dirt into the egg’…try cleaning your nest boxes out now and then. ‘But the birds carry mud onto the eggs when the ground is wet..Yes we live in the UK and it rains..Collect your eggs more than once a day, especially if your selling them as hatching eggs.

    There is no excuse for this your just a lazy bastard that just wants to take peoples money.

    These 6 eggs cost £24 with postage.

    If anyone wants the name of this seller just email me and save yourself some stress and anger. I shall be leaving a very negative feedback on ebay as you can imagine.

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