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    March Diary.

    Welsh Black X French Copper Marans.

    Well, I put the eggs under a broody, as chucking away £24 worth of eggs is adding insult to injury.

    Eggs with all that crap all over them creates all sorts of problems. You would be rash to put them in an incubator, as when the temperature and humidity rises all the germs will have a perfect place to make more germs. Washing them will clog the pores in the shell and you would never get all the bacteria off anyway, and it would breed more and not only infect the chick, but contaminate your incubator.The more shell surface is clogged the less pores for the egg to breathe.

    The germs that came free with the eggs will have a different ‘genetic make-up’ to my germs. My poultry has built up an immunity to the diseases found here, but it’s more than possible that the chicks will trigger a reaction when allowed out after they feather up.

    The hen that laid the egg will have given the chick inside the egg antibodies to at least help with any disease germs it may encounter in the first 8 weeks of life. by then it has started producing it’s own immunity, but only to the set of germs here.

    The shell of an egg is amazing under a microscope and I spent a few minutes looking at the surface. It will allow oxygen in and carbon dioxide and moister out.

    Improved Indian Game.

    I seem to have steered a course away from pure breeds, except for the Australorps, Indian Game, Jubilee Indian Game, Exchequer Leghorns and Wyandotte bantams and have put most of my efforts into getting these cross breeds up to what I consider to be a worthwhile breed. There are enough people breeding pure breeds to keep most pure breeds going.

    I had a few annoyed Indian Game breeders objecting to me calling the above birds Improved Indian Game, but the majority of people looking for Indians are doing so to use them in a table bird cross and if you have the exhibition type Indians your going to get breeding problems, as they are now so short in the leg and so wide and squat that they find mating a problem. This type of breeding where you are taking the breed into a situation similar to Bulldogs and it’s all down to judges and the breed clubs. I think anyone breeding to any standard that puts animals or birds into a position that the welfare of that creature is put at risk should be ashamed of themselves, all for a bit of red card and a cheap rosette and not forgetting the ego trip of winning.

    The strain I have worked on have evolved into what you see here. They are bred for a purpose and thats meat and eggs.

    Improved Indian Game pullet.

    I could call them Utility Indian Game, but that would still upset somebody.

    These are now 15-16th Indian Game and in their 6th year, having back sibling mated in year 3.

    This season I will sibling mate again with a few nice birds to see what that throws up.


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