Blue Laced Indian Pullet.

Another month and my breeding season starts again. This year I shall be running about 10 groups.

Australorps, which did well last season and I shall select the best of the birds that are still fit for purpose from last season and as soon as the pullets I retained from that breeding pen start laying a full size egg will make 2 breeding groups up. I have a choice of 6 males plus their sire and from the 6 one will be a pen leader. I sold 52 pullets from last year and 6 males and the males that didn’t make the cut are in the freezer.

Australorp Large Fowl.

Indian Game. Bred over 60 last season in 4 colours. Dark. Jubilee, Blue laced and Red Black.

Red Black Male with Dark hens.

This Red Black sired 3 more males the same colour and the best of these will be sibling mated (Bro-Sis) until I have enough eggs and then he will be penned with 3 dark females.Extending this line without leaving it.

The male in this photo will be re-penned with the same females now 3 year olds.

Dark Indian Game.

2 Pens are planned 6 females to 1 male.

I have a big choice this year, as I bred a good number of suitable birds. You can judge a bird by a number of indicators, one being the width across his back another being how many females does his harem hold. The more he holds the stronger and more virile the bird is. Allowing free range in a large flock situation keeps the birds fit. Suppressed cocks lower down the pecking order have smaller testes and would take a number of weeks penned on his own with females to bring him back to full sexual vigour.


Dark Male used last season.

Jubilee Indian Game.

Dark Male with Jubilee hens..

This season I shall run the same birds as last year. They proved their worth, but the 18 growersI hatched from the pen were taken by a stoat and I never took any more as it was late in the season. All but 2 were Jubilee.

Pyle Indian Game cock.

I shall pen this Pyle cock with 5 Dark hens to see if I can fix this colour. Around June I shall replace the Darks with some Jubilee and see what the outcome will be.

Blue Laced/Splash Indian Game.

I still have the pen that produced 16 blue laced and they have been in lay since the beginning of January. All the eggs were fertile, but not as yet allowed any to hatch.

I shall pen a few Blue laced with a Dark Cock to fix another line.Likewise one of the best Splash Cocks will be penned with a few Dark Laced.