Large Fowl.

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This breed is surely one of the most underestimated breeds in the UK today. At one time this breed was kept in the commercial sector as a farm layer. Under the  Official Australian trapnesting test this breed layed 364 eggs in 365 days.

The pullets lay almost everyday a good size buff coloured egg. The cockerels at around 6 month can weigh around 6 lb dressed and a fully mature cock will weigh about 12 lbs. They are very calm and friendly and enjoy a  free-range lifestyle.

They are a sitting breed and will cover 12 eggs with ease. The birds show very well and have a long career in the exhibition pen and being a self black are easy to present.

The chicks hatch black and white, but the white fades as they feather up.

Australorps have white soles to the feet and white claws.

I have had this strain for a number of years and run 3 cocks and 12 hens in 3 pens.

The cock in the photograph took best Australorp at the Welsh Federation Championship show and he was the foundation cock used in this line.