This Cock is the result of mating a Welsh Black Cock to a Welsh Black hen.He was then mated to a Dark Indian Game hen and a new line was created.

The birds they produced matured half as big again as pure Indian Game and are good layers.The cockerels dress out at around 6lbs at 20 weeks with a large amount of breast meat.

Improved Indian next to same age Australorp pullet.

This seasons pen contain Pure Indian game hens and the best of 16 cockerels I ran on to 30 weeks.I have very high hopes that these produce top quality layers and table birds.

If your looking to keep a breed that will lay and produce cockerels for the table I feel this will be a very worthwhile prospect.I have so far spent 5 years breeding towards what you see here and this project is on going.

Improved Indian Game pullet at 20 weeks old.