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    Brilley Blues and Silvers

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    Brilley Blue.

    I have worked on this breed for 5 years and are pleased with the result.

    They are very good layers of a blue egg I have egg numbers up around 180-200 eggs per season.They are good winter layers if hatched before the end of June.

    I had a few problems with egg shape and size,but outcrossed to Exchequer Leghorn hens to improved the shape and numbers and that seems to have worked well.

    The egg size in the second year is about the same size as a second season Leghorn.

    They are easily tamed and are a placid non flighty breed.

    I have 2 lines all of which lay blue eggs.

    1 line are Brilley Blues and the other Brilley Silvers.

    Brilley Blue Hen.

    Brilley Silver Cockerel.

    Brilley Silver Pullet.