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This breed originally was the result of mating an Australorp Cock and a Dark Indian Game hen. The intention was to breed a strain that laid well and the cockerels were worthwhile running on for table use. I wanted them to be weatherproof and to be able to withstand the wind and rain I get up here at 1000ft on the hills not far from the Black Mountains.

Into year 10 now with this breed and it has evolved into a very useful breed, By backcrossing to Indian Game the feathers are close to the body and deal with water very well.


The pullets will lay you 5/6 eggs a week and will go to sit when she gets a full nest,so the breed self perpetuates.The hens will sit rock solid and are very good mothers.

The cockerels dress out on a grain diet at around 7lbs on free-range.They are non agressive and can be housed in a run together in the final stages to finish them.

Welsh Black cocks at 22 weeks.

The resulting birds from mating Welsh Black to Welsh Black (next generation) are as good in size and conformation and produce the odd very large cock. (Used in Improving Indian Game).

Welsh Black mated to Welsh Black.