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    Black Sumatra Bantams

    This breed is an ornimental and to see a group of these out free-ranging is a beautiful sight.

    Black Sumatra Game bantam

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    It is a very old breed and now quite rare. Originally it was used as a fighting bird, but thankfully this is banned in the UK, but still takes place in some countries. The hens lay very well and are brilliant sitters and  are still used to incubate ornamental pheasants.

    These do best on free-range and are hardy. If confined, they need to be housed in an aviary large enough to give them plenty of room. They are easy to breed and can become quite tame.

    I keep a large breeding group of Sumatra’s and it’s one breed that need to be taken up and preserved by poultry keepers.

    The Sumatra’s have black plumage with a high sheen. The bones are black, as is the flesh and a pure bred Sumatra has a gypsy comb (purple).

    This line was started a number of years ago with a superb longtail cock.Longtails are now very rare and I know of no other line in the UK of this type.

    I have found that this breed do very well living a semi wild lifestyle.They are well able to fly up to roost well out of harms way. They are alert but not flighty and thrive if allowed total free-range.

    White eggs.

    Sumatra Cock.

    Sumatra Bantam.