Foundation male of my flock.



This breed is surely one of the most underestimated breeds in the UK today.  At one time this breed was kept in the commercial sector as a farm layer.

The pullets lay almost everyday a good size buff coloured egg.The cockerels at around 6 month can weigh around 6 lb dressed and a fully mature cock will weigh about 10 lbs.They are very calm and friendly and enjoy a  free-range lifestyle.

They are a sitting breed and will cover 12 eggs with ease.The birds show very well and have a long career in the exhibition pen and being a self black are easy to present.

The chicks hatch black and white, but the white fades as they feather up.

Australorp Chick..


Australorps have white soles to the feet and white claws.

I have had this strain for a number of years. I run at least 2 breeding groups all selected by the standards I set. Each breeding pen contains 5 hens to 1 male.

The cock in the photograph took best Australorp at the Welsh Federation Championship show and he was the foundation cock used in this line.


Australorp Female.
One of my breeding pens of Australorp.
Australorp hem.






INDIAN GAME. Large Fowl.

It took me years to breed the strain I have now.  Selecting and deselecting the best layers that still held to the standard of the breed. This strain lay more than enough eggs to warrant keeping them.I have them in a number of colours including Dark laced, Jubilee and red/white (Pyle) . This Red/black Male was the foundation sire to the majority of Indian Game I have now.

Red/Black Cock.

Red/Black male and Dark



Dark Male with Dark Females.


Dark Laced Hens
Red/Black Male.
Dark Male.


Dark Male with Jubilee hens.
Blue laced/Splash Indian Game.



Blue laced pullet.