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    AUSTRALORP Large Fowl.

    This breed is surely one of the most underestimated breeds in the UK today.At one time this breed was kept in the commercial sector as a farm layer.

    The pullets lay almost everyday a good size buff coloured egg.The cockerels at around 6 month can weigh around 6 lb dressed and a fully mature cock will weigh about 12 lbs.They are very calm and friendly and enjoy a  free-range lifestyle.

    They are a sitting breed and will cover 12 eggs with ease.The birds show very well and have a long career in the exhibition pen and being a self black are easy to present.

    The chich hatch black and white, but the white fades as they feather up.

    Australorps have white soles to the feet and white claws.

    I have had this strain for a number of years and run 3 cocks and 12 hens in 3 pens.

    The cock in the photograph took best Australorp at the Welsh Fediration Championship show and he was the foundation cock used in this line.

    Exchequer Leghorns.

    The Exchequer is an egg machine and beautiful with it.

    She lays a large white egg and will do so for at least 4 years.This strain has been in our family for well over 60 years.I have had them for over 40.

    They have never been outcrossed and probably one of the oldest pure strains in the UK. They produce a very strong chick that feathers up fast and comes into lay at around 21 weeks.

    They do better free range than penned up and will gain a great deal of food themselves.Active and alert and always on the go.

    I have a flock of 10 females and a superb stock cock all selected to the standard and for laying ability.They are non sitters.

    I am very proud of my Exchequers and get high hatch results from the eggs.

    French Copper Marans.I keep a lot of this breed, as the lovely dark brown eggs sells a box of eating eggs faster than any other colour.

    Marans vary in the colour of eggs they produce and having birds that lay a very dark egg means that the hens are poor layers, as it takes longer for them to coat the egg with the dark pigment just prior to laying.

    Active and alert the French Coppers again do better free-range.

    This strain had feathered feet and I concider them to be very good examples of the breed.

    I only breed from birds that will improve the breed and keep 28 hens and 3 cocks.

    Indian Game.

    It took me years to breed the strain I have now.Selecting and reselecting the best layers that still held to the standard of the breed.This strain lay more than enough eggs to warrent keeping them.I have them in a number of colours including Dark laced,Light laced,jubilee and red/white.

    Red Cock.

    Red laced Pullet.