PLEASE MAIL ME WITH BREED REQUIRED AND NUMBERS. (All eggs subject to availability)

Breeds available from April 1st till July 30th 2019

The reason for this starting date is the daylight hours are longer and there is more free-range food available to the birds. I run my birds as natural as possible and have done so for many, many years. You will hatch stronger chicks which grow away much better than chicks hatched and kept in a shorter daylight period.

All the eggs are from birds in their second year and have been progeny tested in the first season.

I only breed from birds that come up to standard in all aspects, including egg numbers, fertility and hatch ability.

I test hatch throughout the breeding season to make sure the birds are still in breeding condition.

Eggs cost £20 per dozen for large fowl . There is a minimum of 12 per order. Plus postage at cost . No packing charges.


Each egg is wrapped in a sheet of kitchen roll and placed in egg carton. The carton is then wrapped with bubble wrap and taped closed.  It is then placed in a strong cardboard box with more bubble wrap to trap as much air between the layers as possible to absorb any shock.

I do not like using polyboxes, as they are totally unsuitable for sending eggs by post. The  handling shock will travel right through the box into the egg and result in broken air sacs and ruptured embryos. Most egg sellers send eggs this way,but It goes against my principles after spending time and effort producing the eggs.

I will, if requested post the eggs in poly boxes and send 1st class post, but you then take the risk of the eggs being thrown about by the sorting office, but no returns accepted. The cost which includes 2 bought in polyboxes is £7.50 which is only £3.50 cheaper than having them packed to the max and sent next day special delivery.

I have posted eggs for a number of years with first class hatch results sending next day special delivery and packing to withstand the postal service.

I try to give the buyer the best possible chance of a good hatch, but posting eggs and the resulting shake-up will effect the hatch rate. That and incubation problems.

I will replace any infertile eggs if returned within 12 days, if postage both ways is pre paid.

There is a waiting list on some of the breeds, please mail for availability.Your order will be placed on the list and I will mail you when eggs are available.

We are happy to accept payment by cheque or via our paypal account, please contact me for details.  Cheques need to be cleared by the bank before shipment.

All varieties are checked for fertile eggs   Unfortunately, sometimes boxes are dropped and although eggs may not break, the chalaza inside the egg can easily be damaged.  Such damage will prevent an egg from developing.   I have no control over such factors once the eggs are in  your hands, I cannot guarantee hatch ability. 


Paypal account castlefarmpowys@gmail.com

email castlefarmpoultry@lycos.com

Breeds available from April 1st till July 30th  2019


Indian Game.Dark Laced,

Indian Game Jubilee.

Welsh Black Fowl.