December Diary.

It’s hardly stopped raining since early summer and at the time of writing this the whole farm is waterlogged and mud everywhere. The fixed outside runs have been strawed down each week with a bale of wheat straw and now I’m having to buy it in very large bales that […]

June Diary.

It’s the end of June and seems like we have had no summer so far, A few nice days and the rest was what we have had for months, seriously glumly. It does get you down a bit, as there is so many jobs need doing and the weather is […]

May Diary.

Well thats May out of the way and the weather as usual was variable, from wet ,cold and windy to warmish with a bit of sun and some nights it got pitch dark.   The birds are laying well and the fertility tests I have taken have been very good. […]

April Diary.

  It’s very wet and windy today,hardly the weather to be outside, but if you have livestock their needs come first. I hate seeing the birds all wet and glumly and not being able to roam out across the fields. Most of the non breeding birds are in the shed […]

March Ramblings.

The hatching season is underway and within the next month I start sending eggs out to poultry keepers all over the UK. It takes me about half an hour to pack a dozen eggs the way I do it. Each egg is wrapped in a sheet of kitchen roll that […]

January Ramblings.

  Some people have already started hatching, but there is plenty of time yet, unless your looking to get an odd one or two for an autumn show and want them to be full grown and of a larger size. Things are going to get much tougher in this country […]

Utility Poultry. How it was then.

  The term ‘utility’used in poultry goes back to the end of the last war 1939-45. There was a serious shortage of food, being as we were hardly getting any imports due to the UBoats stopping ships getting in from abroad…mainly the USA. Everybody was expected to produce as much […]

January Diary.

Another year and another breeding season just a couple of months away. I can only comment on the breeds I keep or have kept in the past. Iv’e had the Exchequer Leghorns for many years. I have kept Scots Greys, Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Brahmas, Cochin,Orpington, Friesian Fowl, Seabrights, […]