December Diary.

The weather has been awful, freezing cold and heavy snow. Nearly all the birds are in runs or in the sheds. Just trying to keep water before the birds is difficult and takes hours to go around all of them. The birds that are in lay at the moment are […]

Ramblings Part 7.

Click to enlarge photograph. We have snow and ice and everything is much harder for the birds and myself. The birds that are ‘out’ spend most of the time in the big dutch barn during the day, just scratching around and keeping off the snow. They crossed the snow from […]

Ramblings Part 6.

It’s 21 days into November and we have had a couple of frosty nights with more forecast for later this coming week. The earlier hatched Australorp,Welsh Blacks and Improved Indian game are now at sexual maturity and beginning to be a nuisance. They are big birds and bursting with vigour […]

Ramblings part 5

October and it’s raining and the nights are drawing in. For the next 4 months it’s a case of keeping the birds as comfortable as possible. While inside the litter must be changed before it gets to the stage of being wet and soiled or the build up of disease […]

Ramblings part 4.

August starts at the end of this week and with it dews and condensation. I try to make sure the ventilation is correct in the grass runs to prevent water dripping onto the birds under the tarpaulin. I let all the growers out from each pen as soon as I’m […]

Ramblings part 3.

Very bad day today, as I have just had to cull Albert. He had a kidney infection and there is no way back for a breeding bird once you have been that ill. He was a son of my foundation cock out of a very good hen and the right […]

Grass Runs

It’s been a hectic breeding season so far and this year I have done it all under broodies. I have never know a breeding season when so many birds went down on eggs. Even 2 of my Exchequers took broody and have given me 15 so far, moved under a […]

Breeding for Dual Purpose part 2.

On the 16th of May I change the cock in the Indian Game pen. I have hatched enough from the Indian Game Cock x Indian Game hens to have breeding stock for next year and at the moment have 26 chicks all doing well with no loses. Come October I […]

Ramblings Part 2.

Broodies. Click photos to enlarge. I get a number of emails on dealing with broody hens, so I’ll enlarge on the way I run my lot. (See also under breeding) At the moment I have about 20 birds down in various runs and coops. Allowing each bird a broody coop […]

Ramblings part 1

I have 10 static pens that are 12ft x 12ft with a 4ft x 2ft coop inside and they are weatherproofed with a clear heavy duty tarpauline from qvsonlineuk on ebay. A 4mtr x 10mtr sheet costs £34.99 plus £6.99 postage and it’s brilliant. Iv’e covered all the roofs of […]